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Newman::Mailer allows you to easily receive mail via IMAP and send mail via SMTP, and is the default mailing strategy used by Newman::Server.simple. This class mostly exists to serve as an adapter that bridges the gap between the mail gem and Newman’s configuration system.

Newman::Mailer’s interface is minimal by design so that other objects can easily stand in for it as long as they respond to the same set of messages. Be sure to see Newman::TestMailer for an example of how to build a custom object that can be used in place of a Newman::Mailer object.

Newman::Mailer is part of Newman’s internal interface.

module Newman
  class Mailer


To initialize a Newman::Mailer object, a settings object must be provided, i.e:

settings = Newman::Settings.from_file(‘config/environment.rb’)
mailer   = Newman::Mailer.new(settings)

This is done automatically for you by Newman::Server.simple, but must be done manually if you are creating a Newman::Server instance from scratch.

Currently, not all of the settings supported by the mail gem are mapped by Newman. This is by design, to limit the amount of configuration options need to think about. However, if this is causing you a problem, please file an issue.

    def initialize(settings)
      imap = settings.imap
      smtp = settings.smtp

      self.retriever_settings = {
         :address    => imap.address,
         :user_name  => imap.user,
         :password   => imap.password,
         :enable_ssl => imap.ssl_enabled || false,
         :port       => imap.port
      self.delivery_settings = {
         :address              => smtp.address,
         :user_name            => smtp.user,
         :password             => smtp.password,
         :authentication       => :plain,
         :enable_starttls_auto => smtp.starttls_enabled || false,
         :port                 => smtp.port

Newman::Mailer#messages is used to retrieve all messages currently in the inbox and then delete them from the server. This method returns an array of Mail::Message objects if any messages were found, and returns an empty array otherwise.

    def messages
      Mail::IMAP.new(retriever_settings).all(:delete_after_find => true)


Newman::Mailer#new_message is used to construct a new Mail::Message object, with the delivery settings that were set up at initialization time. This method passes all its arguments on to Mail::Message.new, so be sure to refer to the mail gem’s documentation for details.

    def new_message(*a, &b)
      msg = Mail::Message.new(*a, &b)
      msg.delivery_method(:smtp, delivery_settings)



Newman::Mailer#deliver_message is used to construct and immediately deliver a message using the delivery settings that were set up at initialization time.

    def deliver_message(*a, &b)
      new_message(*a, &b).deliver

NOTE: Methods below this point in the file are implementation details, and should not be depended upon


These accessors have been made private to reflect the fact that Newman::Mailer objects are meant to be treated as immutable constructs once they are created.

    attr_accessor :retriever_settings, :delivery_settings